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ENGINEER - Reproach


Syracuse, New York’s relatively unknown, ENGINEER, emerge out of nowhere and delivery a pleasant surprise in their debut full-length, Reproach. The band’s musical foundation is based upon the teachings of BOTCH and other related bands such as KEELHAUL. Thus, you know you’re in for some heaviness by way of clever dissonant riffing. However, don’t take this to mean that ENGINEER are a faceless, derivative band. They offer their own unique qualities via some dynamic songwriting abilities and young, fresh energy. There’s a volatile and volcanic intensity throughout Reproach, which provides plenty of interesting parts to keep you locked in. The songs work to build and release tension, thus keeping things fluid. ENGINEER don’t reinvent the wheel here by any means. However, there are some damn fine sounds that can be found and if they can further build on what they have accomplished on Reproach, they will surely rise through the ranks quickly. (Hex Records)