To say that ENSLAVED have been on a creative roll for the last couple of albums is to state the obvious. Just like their Norwegian peers, the band have expanded and evolved far beyond what their first albums were indicative of. Ruun sees ENSLAVED continuing to hone their unique style of progressive black metal. The killer opening song, “Entroper,” has got some of the most infectious riffs in the band’s catalogue that could easily cross over into post-punk/hardcore and alternative realms. The foot stomping, catchy “Path to Vanir” is an obvious choice for their first video off of Ruun. Third song, “Fusion of Sense and Faith,” kicks the tempo up and gets the blood circulating. ENSLAVED truly pick up momentum with the powerful title track. The steady cascading chords that kick in after the snaking beginning section bring to mind that good old Viking-era ENSLAVED that we all love. The song continues to build and build until it reaches full power. The rest of Ruun fails to disappoint as the band conclude another strong album. The strong points lay in not only their ability to come up with inventive and fresh sounding riffs but in their songwriting skills. Each section of each song fit seamlessly and often times build upon each other to create a sense of motion and strong atmospheres that compel the listener to continue listening. ENSLAVED have done their part, now it’s time for the masses to recognize and enjoy the great music presented on Ruun. (Candlelight USA Records)

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