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EXODUS - The Atrocity Exhibition Exhibit A


EXODUS needs no introduction. For nearly 27 years the band has stayed true to their cause of uncompromising, blistering metal. The Atrocity Exhibition (the band’s eight studio album) is no exception. “Call to Arms” brings forth an epic, almost patriotic feel as an opener before the band blazes through what they do best, full-throttle speed. “Riot Act” sets the stage for the carnage to follow which continues well into the ending final notes of “Bedlam 1-2-3.” Vocalist Rob Dukes has come into his own on this album, comfortably spitting forth the rage needed to get the job done and improving on his performance on Shovel Headed Kill Machine. Guitarists Gary Holt and Lee Altus have a thousand metal tricks up their sleeves, from twin guitar harmonies to ripping solos to the chainsaw riffing that has always put EXODUS ahead of the pack. The Atrocity Exhibition also marks the return of drummer Tom Hunting who pounds away like a hammer on an anvil, anchoring in the songs with bassist Jack Gibson that provide the weight to make the album so heavy. Unlike many of their peers who have sought to mix up different genres into their sound, EXODUS has stayed the course, true to form, ballad-free with maximum crunch and riffs set to kill. A powerful statement for the band and their continuing evolution of cutting, razor-sharp Bay Area Thrash. (Nuclear Blast Records)