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EYEHATEGOD - Preaching the Endtime Message


Although most EYEHATEGOD diehards are familiar the material on Preaching the Endtime Message (as a majority of the songs have been released on various comps and split seven inches), Preaching… still serves as must for any EYEHATEGOD completist. “Methamphetamine” makes its third appearance on an EYEHATEGOD release with all the raw, punkish aggression we have all come to know and love from the track. The always reliable “Serving Time in the Middle of Nowhere” also makes an appearance, barreling through once again like a drunken rhino crushing everything in its path. Next up is “Sabbath Jam,” which marks the fourth time this track has been released. But that’s a moot point as this alone is worth the price of the CD. Witness as EYEHATEGOD seamlessly bridges the crushing “Cornucopia” into SABBATH’s drug-ridden epic, “Hand of Doom,” before closing with “Behind the Wall of Sleep” and listeners are treated to a powerful medley from a band born to play SABBATH. You get two more tracks and two whiskey-drenched live tracks before we arrive at what we have been waiting for, new EYEHATEGOD material. From the opening sample of “International Narcotic” to the final tortured notes of “Turn Troubled Tables,” the band takes the listener through eleven minutes of religious hypocrisy, poverty, death, disease, filth and violence. Musically, the band combines equal parts doom, crust, sludge, punk, Southern rock, psychedelia, blues and dissonance. These final three tracks are a journey into depravity. The most impressive thing about them is that they were all recorded on a four-track and despite this, the songs are heavier than any “Hot Topic band” or any band found in the pages of Revolver. EYEHATEGOD continue to be the cavity in the bright, white smile of society, proving once again why they are still one of the world’s most dangerous bands. (Emetic Records)