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EYES OF FIRE - Disintegrate


EYES OF FIRE has in its ranks former members of MINDROT, PHOBIA, and DYSTOPIA. While some of these influences bleed through in the songs, EYES OF FIRE is very much their own entity as the band’s debut EP, Disintegrate, clearly demonstrates. The title track starts things off with the band offering a chaotic mixture of samples, dissonant chords, shouting vocals and pounding, tribal drumming. The EP’s next two tracks see the band exploring more atmospheric territory with a vocal approach that alternates between harsh and clean vocals with some ethereal atmospherics and lyrics that seem to tell two somber tales of desperation and rejection. The only real downside to Disintegrate is that at just over thirteen minutes and it leaves you wanting more. But I guess that’s the idea. Look for the full-length album early next year. (Century Media)