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FROM AUTUMN TO ASHES ??" The Fiction We Live


After much anticipation, the second FROM AUTUMN TO ASHES is finally here. For all intents and purposes, the band has delivered the excellent album that fans have been waiting for. The Fiction We Live sees the band breaking away from their emo-metalcore peers and developing a more distinct sound. FROM AUTUMN TO ASHES have really improved and matured as a band in every way. The vocals, songwriting, execution, and musicianship have all been stepped up. They’ve made a huge leap is in their ability to convey a deep sense of emotion in their songs. Whether it be the heavier numbers (i.e. “The After Dinner Payback”) or the moodier ones (i.e. “No Trivia”), there is plenty of soul here. The Fiction We Live’s sense of melody extents beyond the mere Swedish influence and the obligatory “chugga chugga” riffs are used subtlely. There is a healthy use of acoustic guitars, instrumental passages, and effective bridges. Drummer/clean vocalist Francis Mark’s emotional vocal delivery really shines on tracks like “The Second Wrong Makes You Feel Right” and “I’m The Best At Ruining My Life.” “Autumn’s Monologue” is reminiscent of early DARK TRANQUILLITY/IN FLAMES with its lead female vocals, acoustic guitars, and somber tone. “Every Reason To” has a “feel good” melodic riff and chorus that is reminiscent of DARK TRANQUILLITY’s “Monochromatic Stains.” Another defining aspect of The Fiction We Live is the sheer feeling of a complete album. It’s an enjoyable listening experience from beginning to end. All in all, FROM AUTUMN TO ASHES have not only lived up to the hype but have surpassed initial expectations. (Vagrant Records)