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G.B.H. - Race Against Time - The Complete Clay Recordings


To anyone in the know, Birmingham’s G.B.H. is simply classic punk. Along with other seminal U.K. punk bands in the late 70’s, they helped usher in the next evolution of punk - harder, faster, meaner, and more fine-tuned. In turn, some select young pimple faced-teenagers in the U.S. would ultimately meld this sound with classic metal from the 70’s to create the thrash metal movement. Race Against Time is a 3-CD compilation of the band’s entire Clay Records discography, which includes two studio albums (City Baby Attacked by Rats and City Baby’s Revenge), one EP (Leather, Bristles, Studs & Acne), all the singles, and the live album, No Survivors. What can be said of the material (64 total tracks) within? It just rules! There are classic songs all over this compilation. You’ve got the young, untainted enthusiasm, the great riffs, the rawness, the power, and the honesty of punk here. The quality cannot be disputed. For those new to the band, the first riffs, drum beats, and shouts will quickly assure you that G.B.H. are an essential band. All in all, there is something here for any type of fan. Why waste your time with the watered down “punk” of today when you can always listen to the masters? (Castle Music)