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GENEROUS MARIA - Command of the New Rock


Don’t let the trendy sounding album title fool you, Sweden’s GENEROUS MAFIA are a lot better than the average stoner rock band. The band has written an impressive album of 60’s/70’s inspired rock. Unlike many stoner rock bands, they don’t rely on the typical use of blues scales or basic strumming of power chords. These guys can play and it shows. They are plenty of meaty riffs, tasteful lead guitars, and just the right amount of groove here. Frontman Goran Florstrom’s charismatic and gritty vocals compliment the music perfectly. The album flows just like a quality classic rock record. There is a good mix of heavier numbers mixed in with more laid back, atmospheric ones. “Soulfight” is a tripped out psychedelic piece, complete with keyboards, that gives a nod to THE DOORS. “Ashram Absolute” is another highlight. This instrumental track is reminiscent of an updated version of something that LED ZEPPELIN wrote during their fourth album. “Bridge Out of Time” closes out the album in grand style. The track is a good summary of what the album is all about. Strong hooks, SABBATH-like groove, and catchy vocal lines populate this journey of a song. Duel wailing guitars close out the song like a psychelic sunset ending the day. Command of the New Rock should appeal to fans into MONSTER MAGNET as well as KYUSS. No gimmicks, no flashy selling points, just solid rock n roll. (Abstract Sounds)