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GHOST - Opus Eponymous


So the internet has been abuzz with hype surrounding this (supposedly) brand new band, GHOST. Obviously, overrated super hyped debut albums (i.e. MACHINE HEAD’s Burn My Eyes) are nothing out of the ordinary, but thankfully, GHOST’s Opus Eponymous is not one of them. Opus Eponymous doesn’t necessarily reinvent the wheel but it’s a damn good album. It’s a work of love, attention to detail, and fine craftsmanship.

One misnomer that must be debunked is that GHOST are a black metal band. Basically, they sound like a 70’s hard rock band turned classic heavy metal band. They don’t make it a secret that MERCYFUL FATE’s first two albums are their primary influence in sound and lyrical content. Add in eerie organs and a touch of doom to round things out.

Vinnie Paul would probably sum up Opus Eponymous perfectly as “All killer, no filler.” There isn’t a weak song to be found. Every muscular riff, delicate yet charismatic vocal line, and guitar solo is absolutely pristine. Most importantly, GHOST capture the spirit and quality of classic metal much like WOLF. (Rise Above Records/Metal Blade Records)