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GOATWHORE - Carving Out the Eyes of God

Goatwhore - Carving Out the Eyes of God

On album four from these masters of blackened death, GOATWHORE unleashes possibly their most focused, structured work to date with Carving Out the Eyes of God. Opening track “Apocalyptic Havoc” opens up the flood gates with a fist-pumping metal anthem replete with sing along hook, “Who needs a God when you’ve got Satan?” Relentless and energetic in its pace, the song sets the tone for the album, balancing hooks with aggression. “The All Destroying” keep the blasting on point, but the band tempers the speed with flowing angry riffs that eventually settle in to a CELTIC FROST/HELLHAMMER-worshipping groove that GOATWHORE has become known for. “In Legions I am Wars of Wrath” is the album’s centerpiece - delivering a relentless torrent of speed with a driving attack before changing it up with some clever half tempo sections, highlighted by a Schuldiner-inspired solo from guitarist Sammy Duet channeling the mighty late DEATH guitarist. The bottom heavy groove from Nathan Bergeron keeps things nice and punchy throughout, while drummer Zack Simmons pounds the snot out of his drums. In the thick of it all, vocalist Ben Falgoust snarls, growls, and shouts his way through the proceedings (with some backup help from guitarist Duet), weaving tales of death, darkness, woe, and decay throughout the album. Erik Rutan captures the band’s blasphemy with skill, offering greater clarity than on the album’s predecessor The Haunting Curse as well as the band’s earlier, muddier releases. But the standout is Sammy Duet who delivers his most melodic involved solos to date, and to his credit, offers guitar work that enhances the songs as oppossed to drowning them with flashy overly technical playing. Ominous closer “To Mourn & Forever Wander Through Forgotten Doorways” finishes the album on a strong note offering up one of the band’s better songs to date. All in all, a fine outing from America’s finest blackened metal troupe. (Metal Blade Records)

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