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GOD FORBID - Gone Forever


After three years of relentless touring for their breakthrough album, Determination, GOD FORBID is back with their long-awaited follow up, Gone Forever. “Force-Fed” opens it up with the band’s trademark combination of odd dissonant riffs, crushing breakdowns, and catchy guitar harmonies. “Antihero” follows up with some melodic thrash offset with some MESHUGGAH-like syncopated rhythms and some fluid guitar shredding. But instead of rehashing Determination Part Two, the band seems intent on reaching the next level and succeeds in “stepping it up” on tracks such as “Washed Out World,” “Precious Lie,” and “Judge the Blood,” all of which display the band’s newfound maturity and improved songwriting. Each of these songs show a variety of tempo and dynamic changes. There’s also plenty of stompcore breakdowns for the jock meatheads in the pit as well as some ripping guitar solos and complex drum patterns for the guitar-noodling aficionados out there. In addition to their day jobs on the guitar and bass, Dallas Coyle and John “Beeker” Outcalt have also taken it upon themselves to employ some “clean” vocals to the majority of the songs on Gone Forever, adding new dimensions that play well against Byron Davis’ harsh vocal snarls. The record is also helped along by an upfront, crystal clear mix courtesy of Colin Richardson, the man responsible for the sound on many classic metal albums from NAPALM DEATH, CARCASS, MACHINEHEAD, GOREFEST, and countless others. With Gone Forever, GOD FORBID has successfully maintained the balance between satisfying long-time fans as well as bravely venturing in to new experimental directions. And with several high-profile tours on the horizon, the band is well on their way in to breaking into the mainstream in a big way on their own terms. (Century Media Records)