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GREEN CARNATION - Light of Day, Day of Darkness


Having been relatively unimpressed by GREEN CARNATION’s debut, Journey to the End of the Night, I didn’t expect much with this second album. But upon listening to it, I was very surprised. Light of Day, Day of Darkness is one of the best metal albums in years. It’s truly a monumental journey of emotion and sound. Think of doom/atmospheric metal with influences of PINK FLOYD and BLACK SABBATH. This album is one song, clocking in at just over an hour, yet it flows so naturally and effortlessly. The vocals are sung with a clean yet ominous sounding voice, which is somewhat reminiscent of CANDLEMASS. A whole host of ingredients such as opera choirs, symphony orchestra, saxophone solo, and female soprano solo add to the mix. Green Carnation are not reinventing the wheel but they are bringing in a vigorous, fresh sound to metal. Once you listen to this, your gut will tell you that this is perfection. Nuff said. (The End Records)