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GREEN CARNATION - The Quiet Offspring


As one of Norway’s successful (non-black metal) stories, GREEN CARNATION continues to flow with vitality and relevance with their latest, The Quiet Offspring. Things start off with more uptempo, upbeat songs that see the band further incorporating elements of classic 70’s rock, prog, and classic heavy metal into their sound, which is not too far removed from AMORPHIS or Dan Swanö’s Moontower. As The Quiet Offspring progresses, GREEN CARNATION’s greatest strength in creating sublime and compelling atmospheric songs emerges. By the end of the album’s last track, “Child’s Play, Pt. 2,” the listener is reminded of how deeply they were pulled in when the silence hits. Simply stated, it’s GREEN CARNATION’s talent for writing superior songs which separates them from the legions of bands out there. The riffs lock in together well, instrumental passages elevate the dynamics of each song, the guitar solos are memorable and well played, and the vocals are charismatic and possess a strong presence. The album flows so naturally and effortlessly that there’s really no reason to dissect things into tiny pieces and second guess how you feel. GREEN CARNATION has produced another winner and have proven themselves as one of the underground’s marquee figures. (The End Records)