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GRIP INC. - Incorporated


GRIP INC. have been MIA for a while now but few have seemed to notice. While they made a big splash onto the scene in 1995 as drummer Dave Lombardo’s post-SLAYER musical monster, they failed to put a serious stamp on the metal world, hovering somewhere around SACRED REICH-echelon metal. After a healthy five year layoff, GRIP INC. are back with their fourth album, Incorporated. The album is cheese-free metal (in the traditional vein, not PANTERA-esque) and up-to-date enough to make even NEVERMORE sound dated! Perhaps influenced by Lombardo’s involvement with a series of eclectic collaborations from FANTÔMAS to John Zorn, but don’t overlook the playing of guitarist, Waldemar Sorychta, who grooves on some crushing and inventive riffing. Sorychta’s abilities range from being a creative writer to being a technically able player (check out the flamenco-like noodling on “Enemy Mind”) and of course a top-notch producer – his production resume includes LACUNA COIL, TIAMAT, and SAMAEL. Incorporated’s only (slight) drawback is screamer Gus Chambers, who has a generic voice, but he makes up for it in attitude and execution, both which are solid. (SPV/Steamhammer)