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GZR - Ohmwork


The legendary Geezer Butler is one who commands utmost reverence and respect. However, even metal gods can falter once in while no matter how much we don’t want to believe it. His first two solo albums, Plastic Planet (1995) and Black Science (1997), were pretty good and showed that he could be just as heavy as any other popular metal band at the time (i.e. PANTERA, MACHINE HEAD). An eight year wait proves to be quite unsatisfying with the subpar Ohmwork. Sonically, the band remain just as heavy as any mainstream metal band out right now. And there’s no doubt that each member are talented musicians but the shaky songwriting and poor riffs really drag the album down. “Misfit” opens up Ohmwork with driving heavy rhythms. As soon as you’re feeling warmed up, second track, “Pardon My Depression,” comes in with a dreadful verse and even cheesier chorus. The questionable quality keeps flowing until the album is finally done. Sadly, there’s only three tracks that are worth the time. Ohmwork lacks focus and direction unlike the band’s previous two albums. If this was any other band, this would probably be acceptable and might even receive some praise. But this is Geezer Butler we’re talking about! Geezer fuckin Butler. (Sanctuary Records)