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HARKONEN - Shake Harder Boy


Well-executed dissonant rock is one of the more difficult disciplines to conquer. These bunny-obsessed ruffians from Washington State crank out a unique hybrid of heavy-handed metallic hardcore rock. This is an interesting release that combines influences from bands that range from all parts of the rock universe like HELMET, FUGAZI, UNSANE, and BOTCH. Dissonance is the name of HARKONEN’s game. There doesn’t seem to be a “normal” sounding riff on this record as almost everything sounds like it was musically reversed. But HARKONEN stumble to find a middle ground where all of this dissonance can live harmoniously with hooks and catchiness. The listener is left wondering what is going on. “Smile Pretty,” “Baristas Get Stalked,” and “Settle Here” are the standout tracks. They demonstrate that the band really have the potential to break out in the future. In the end, Shake Harder Boy seems fragmented and out of touch with the listener. (Hydra Head)