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HATE ETERNAL - King of All Kings


After a three year absence, HATE ETERNAL is back with their latest assault, King of All Kings. From the opening blasts of the title track to the bizarre, dissonant riffing of the album’s closer, “Powers That Be”, the band wastes no time, hitting as hard and as fast as possible, giving the listener little time to let anything sink in. As a result, the album’s songs tend to bleed in to one another at times sounding like one long thirty minute death metal epic. Since the material is delivered at such a frantic pace, it make take a few listens to catch on to the dark, sinister riffing and crushing breakdowns found on “Beyond Redemption”, “Servants of the Gods”, and “Chants of Declaration.” While it’s no secret that HATE ETERNAL has former members of several, popular/influential death metal acts, the band has nonetheless taken their past experiences and talent and honed them into a technical, precision unit, capable of giving any of their former bands a run for their money, even surpassing a few of them. With King of All Kings, HATE ETERNAL have stepped up to the plate once again delivering one furious statement of intent. (Wicked World-Earache)