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HAWKWIND - Space Ritual Sundown V.2


Although this has been released at least seven times(mostly in double-vinyl format), Space Ritual Sundown V.2 returns once again, this time as a CD. The album chronicles their ‘72 Brixton gig. It must be said that the packaging is excellent, a fold-out digipak with tons of old photos, lyrics, illustrations, and liner notes. And despite the fact that the material on this recording is thirty years old, the performances and sound have held up remarkably well. The appropriately titled “Space” serves as a psychedelic intro, which then kicks into the rockin’ “Orgone Accumulator.” “Master of the Universe” holds up just as well, showing a young Lemmy (Kilmeister) honing his bass chops for what was to come with MOTORHEAD. “Upside Down” and “Seven by Seven” show why HAWKWIND is one of the early pioneers of psychedelic doom metal. The epic twelve minute “Brainstorm” combines all of the above, with elements of progressive rock. Although some listeners may not care for some of the more spaced-out experiments such as “Sonic Attack” or “10 Seconds Forever”, I’d still recommend Space Ritual Sundown V.2 for anyone interested in one of the forefathers of psychedelic, stoner, doom rock. (Purple Pyramid/Cleopatra)