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IMMOLATION - Unholy Cult


Death Metal veterans, IMMOLATION have written the death metal record of the year. The album begins with the fading in of foreboding guitar wails and then the roar of the band crashes in. The intensity begins and doesn’t let up until its completion. In the trademark IMMOLATION-style, each song is a pummeling force of down-tuned guitars, manic riffing and intense tempo changes. The band creates an atmosphere of utter chaos by mixing up the songs with unorthodox, dissonant riffs, artificial guitar harmonics, and different tempos. Ross Dolan barks out scathingly thought-provoking lyrics that expose the dark side of human nature. Drummer, Alex Hernandez does a killer job with his ability to write creative drum patterns and bring his drums to the forefront of the record’s sound. The production is stellar, the band’s best sounding album to date. Gone are the overly muddy and thin sounds of the past. The instruments are crystal clear and have a refreshingly, live, and natural sound. This is a great thing in light of the all of the overly produced, digital production jobs on albums in recent years. Unholy Cult is the complete package of great riffs, intensity, emotion, hooks, and great lyrics. These elements are fused together with the crucial element of feeling. They just gel together to create what is simply, a great death metal record. (Olympic-Century Media)