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In Solitude - Sister

[IN SOLITUDE take a big step forward with their third album, Sister.  Refusing to simply rehash the classic metal sound of their first two releases, the band embrace the dark.

The memorable cover artwork symbolizes what Sister is all about.  The record carries a somewhat mysterious, eerie, and desolate vibe.  IN SOLITUDE do a great job in incorporating the sound of early gothic rock, and just the darker, less power-chord dependent side of rock as a whole as well as incorporating acoustic guitars.  And even when the band play full-on metal, it’s more of the KING DIAMOND and MERCYFUL FATE variety than the happier, lighter sounds of MAIDEN.  In other words, the band is truly coming into its own.

Just the acoustic guitar-driven opener, “He Comes,” sets the tone and then “Death Knows Where” brings in the pure metal.  That is followed by the looser, dark rock sounds of “A Buried Sun” which features a new level of range and freedom from vocalist Pelle Åhman.  “Pallid Hands” is a great combo of FIELDS OF THE NEPHILIM and IN SOLITUDE.  The rest of the album continues this trend of dynamic and memorable material.  Closer, “Inmost Nigredo” is the album’s best song with its great juxposition of a dream-like intro, heavy tensions, and downright soulful vocals.

It’s great to see these guys break free and expand the sound and style of IN SOLITUDE.  Ideally, Sister should take them to the next level of well-deserved success.  True metal. (Metal Blade Records)