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INCANTATION - Decimate Christendom


INCANTATION have long been one of the cornerstones of the death metal scene for decades now and despite being plagued by a seemingly endless array of lineup and record company changes, the band has never strayed from their persistence and vision. I wasn’t expecting much from Decimate Christendom as the somewhat bland Blasphemy and accompanying live album didn’t register with the quality of previous efforts. However, I was surprised by the sheer ferocity of the first two songs and was brought down to the murky swamps of “Oath of Armageddon,” which owes as much to the doom scene as well as the death metal legion (Fans of everything from CROWBAR to CANDLEMASS should investigate this track.). “Horns of Eradication” and “No Paradise” await and also deliver the goods in the doom department. But “Thorns of Everlasting Persecution” plows in fast and furious. While INCANTATION isn’t afraid with doom-laden sections, they are often the set up for relentless aggression as in the album’s final track. Essentially, Decimate Christendom is a marriage of oppressing doom and devastating grind that works. If you are looking for groundbreaking, revolutionary, trend-setting music, look elsewhere. On this album, INCANTATION offer honest-to-goodness meat and potatoes death metal that adamantly refuses to cater to trends. And odds are they wouldn’t have it any other way. (Olympic Recordings)