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INHUMAN - Black Reign


Brooklyn’s INHUMAN have been playing heavy hardcore before this huge wave of metalcore bands hit the scene in the last few years. Black Reign is a sign that NYC hardcore is alive and well. This EP contains five new studio tracks and two live tracks recorded live at CBGB’s in 2001. INHUMAN inject a dark edge to their amalgam of heavy hardcore/metal/punk, giving an almost DANZIG kinda feel to it. The songs are laid out on a foundation of solid riffs that are harder and thrashier than most of their peers. There are no fake emotions of sensitivity or anger on here. It’s all honest and straight up. The album opens with an instrumental intro track that could’ve been written by an 80’s thrash band from the Bay Area. The standout track is definitely “Killing Me.” It perfectly captures the spirit of old school punk and has great, infectious melodies. In a perfect world, this song would be a radio hit. It’s that catchy. “Darker Than You Think” has cool SLAYER-esque riffing with a DANZIG-like vocal line in the last half of the song. The EP demonstrates that the band can really write solid, diverse material. While Black Reign is not going to change the scene, it is worthy of your attention. (Released Power Productions)