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The godfathers of modern day metalcore have returned to take back their throne. The driving tempos, beefy riffs, breakdowns, and brutality that fans have come to expect from INTEGRITY are all here. Their working class hardcore mentality and undying spirit are present as well. This is the sound of a band that is reborn and full of vigor. For the most part, the album is a straight-ahead bulldozer of brutality and aggression. The instrumental tracks, “Blessed Majesty” and “Lost Without You,” provide a break from all the fury and show a somber and more subdued side to the band. The title track, which expresses their “we’re here to stay, just try and stop us” attitude, is sure to become the band’s new anthem. Unlike most contemporary metalcore bands, INTEGRITY use 80’s thrash metal as a big influence on their sound. The SLAYER influences can be heard on some of the many breakdowns and overall riffs on the album. “Lost Without You” starts off like METALLICA’s “Fade To Black” and even has the lead guitar come in the same way at the beginning of the song. There is also a healthy dose of lead guitar on To Die For as well. The production of the album is crystal clear and well balanced. The guitars have an excellent metallic crunch to them. The bottom line is that INTEGRITY are back. Amen. (Deathwish Inc.)