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INTRONAUT - Null - Demonstration Extended Play Compact Disc


I must say that it’s bloody refreshing to hear some fresh sounds coming from a new band. Finding a little gem in a pile of soulless promos makes for some much needed relief and a rekindling of faith in extreme music. Los Angeles’ INTRONAUT, featuring current and ex-members of IMPALED, ANUBUS RISING, UPHILL BATTLE, and EXHUMED, have produced four songs of mind-tripping rolling thunder. Merging a prominent classic progressive rock influence with the heavy-handed dissonance of bands such as NEUROSIS, KNUT, and ISIS, the forward thinking mentality of OPETH, and their own personal touch, Null… displays an interesting array of sounds. You won’t be sold short with simple “quiet, heavy, quiet” song progressions. What is readily apparent is INTRONAUT’s strong taste for dynamics (i.e. creating/releasing of tension, naturally flowing transitions between song section, ambitious song arrangements). Though guitarists/vocalists, Sacha Dunable and Leon del Muerte, more than hold their own within the band, it’s the rhythm section of Joe Lester (bass) and Danny Walker (drums) that really makes the strongest impression. Lester shines when the guitars take a step back and he takes the opportunity to plays the lead. Walker’s performance is reminiscent of Brann Dailor (MASTODON) and Igor Cavalera (SEPULTURA) in the fact that his tasteful arsenal of skills is an integral part of the band’s character. INTRONAUT have proven on their demo that they can execute. Now, the next step is to realize their full potential. (INTRONAUT)