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INTRONAUT’s debut EP, Null, made an impression on the underground scene with some of the most refreshing music to come out of the L.A. scene in years. Now only a year later, INTRONAUT is making good on the potential promised with Null with their first full-length album, Void. Although the band boasts some of death grind’s finest talent, INTRONAUT is a completely different animal. Vocalists/guitarists Sacha Dunable and Leon Del Muerte both alternate between high and low snarling death metal vocals throughout the album, but that’s where the similarities between their previous bands and INTRONAUT end. Musically, the band delivers involved, complex, intricate instrumental journeys with a strong attention to detail, resulting in some powerful, epic songwriting. “Faultlines” and “Nostalgic Echo” are both prime examples as the band weaves in almost sleepy, dream-like passages before building to powerful, sustained peaks. The oddly titled “Teledildonics” on the other hand, sees the band shifting in and out of syncopated rhythms effortlessly with a strong progressive edge, with a section that even explores fusion jazz. But that’s not to say Void is a masturbatory shred fest. On the contrary, the band’s firm grasp on groove keeps things flowing smoothly so as not to dissipate into a sloppy mess, which may be the key to the band’s success with such inventive material. Void is a complex, impressive album from a creative, ambitious force of musicians that reveals new and interesting surprises with each new listen. Easily one of the most engaging and original albums of the year. (Goodfellow Records)