After being strictly available as a bootleg for years, the much anticipated official release of this 1996 songwriting session between metal/rock gods, Tony Iommi (guitars) and Glenn Hughes (vocals/bass), is finally here. These predominantly sublime songs exemplify the legendary status of these men; delivering with great songwriting, memorable riffs, and strong individual performances. The 1996 DEP Sessions is more than merely SABBATH-style doom. There is a strong blues and classic hard rock influence in the material. Glenn Hughes lays down a fantastic vocal performance with his range, power, and heartfelt honesty. The man shows his dynamic ability to be a soul, rhythm and blues, and rock vocalist. Heavy metal progenitor, Tony Iommi, is no slouch as he easily wields his guitar like no other. These demo recordings were remixed, beefed up with new instrumental tracks, and now sound just as good as any professional studio record. It’s quite scary how good this release is considering they were originally written and recorded as a jam session among two long time friends. And with recent news that this duo plan to collaborate on a new album this year, their future is just as a full of vitality as their famed accomplishments. (Sanctuary Records)

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