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IRON MAIDEN - The History of IRON MAIDEN - Part 1: The Early Days


During the last couple of years, everyone and their mothers have flooded the market with music DVDs, most of which, turn out to be mediocre and quite unengaging. But leave it to heavy metal juggernauts, IRON MAIDEN, to produce one of the most stellar music DVDs available. This 2-disc set extensively covers the band’s humble beginnings in the 70’s up until the Piece of Mind-era. The first disc includes the band’s first ever concert video, Live at the Rainbow (1981), Beast Over Hammersmith (1982), and Live in Dortmund (1983). The video and audio quality of each concert film has been amazingly preserved and cleaned up. To see this early footage is just mind blowing. The atmosphere and the energy are simply electric and awe-inspiring. The second disc includes a 90-minute feature length documentary on the early history of the band, a rare TV documentary that aired on British television, five promo videos, rare home video of the band performing at The Ruskin (1980), as well as tons of extras. The 90-minute documentary is a thorough history of the band that begins with Steve Harris’ first ever band, GYPSY’S KISS. It really provides insight in the early struggles of the band, their burning ambition, and how they conquered the world in a few years’ time. No leaf is left unturned as they discuss such topics as the recording of the famous Sound House Tapes and the recruitment and departure of each member. The Early Days is a must-have for die hard MAIDEN fans as well as a more than adequate introduction to new fans. The content and quality are undeniable. After watching this, you’ll be reminded (or learn) why MAIDEN have changed the lives of people around the world for almost 30 years. (Sanctuary Records)