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Will you get the eerie feeling that you’ve heard this album before elsewhere? Yes. Will you hear anything new on Sirens? No. Do these guys owe IN FLAMES some royalties? Of course. IT DIES TODAY’s second album, Sirens, is a slick and glossy product that is sure to be eaten up by today’s teenage (mainstream) metalcore market. They’ve got all the trademark requirements out of the contemporary metalcore handbook: harsh vocals/clean, melodic vocals, breakdowns-a-plenty, melodic Swedish riffs, and a perfect album production. There is nothing outwardly bad about Sirens. They know how to execute the sound that they are looking for and they do it just about as well as any of their peers. The problem mainly lies in the fact that it is inherently a re-run in this current climate of metalcore-mall-metal-overkill”¦even right down to the band’s haircuts. Given all these facts, the biggest strength of the band is vocalist Nicholas Brooks’ clean vocals. He’s got the ideal vocal range and strength that can carry this band. If the band wanted to, they could easily thrive and conquer if Brooks decided to exclusively use clean vocals. If this is the style of music you are looking for, IT DIES TODAY are the right band for the job. (Trustkill Records)