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JELLO BIAFRA WITH THE MELVINS - Never Breathe What You Can’t See


Ex-DEAD KENNEDYS frontman Jello Biafra has built quite an impressive catalogue of albums of collaborations with like-minded artists (D.O.A., MINISTRY, MOJO NIXON). After much anticipation, his collaboration with THE MELVINS is finally here. This is true punk rock in sound but most importantly, in attitude and content. There’s no sidestepping the issues here nor is there a blatant attempt to be cryptic in their intent. Never Breathe What You Can’t See is a fist in the face to all the hypocrisy, mass hysteria, ignorance, and power mongering involved with the war in the Middle East and global terrorism. THE MELVINS bring their trademark alternative/metal/punk sound and their reverence for the DEAD KENNEDYS to the proceedings. Jello leads the attack with his unmistakable presence on vocals/lyrics. TOOL guitarist Adam Jones also plays guitar on half of the album’s eight tracks. Whether the band are talking about homeland security gone sour (“McGruff the Crime Dog”) or SUV elitism (“Yuppie Cadillac”), there’s this strong sense of urgency and immediacy that makes the material very compelling. “Enchanted Thoughtfist” is hands down the album’s best track with its classic punk feel, huge riffs, and infectious chorus chastising American complacency and blind consumption. The chemistry between Jello and THE MELVINS is uncanny. It sounds as if they’ve been playing together for years. Never Breathe What You Can’t See is a solid album, perfectly executed and packed with real riffs. Regardless of your political inclinations, this album will definitely make you think. And thinking is something we should all be doing during this important era in world history. (Alternate Tentacles Records)