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Anyone who’s heard Never Breathe What You Can’t See will be bloody glad to know that the Jello Biafra/MELVINS collaboration is not over just yet. Sieg Howdy! picks up exactly where their debut left off and gives further as to why they are the best punk band on the planet. A thunderous version of ALICE COOPER’s “Halo of Flies” starts things off with the MELVINS showing their excellent prowess as musicians. An “extended space-melt version” of “The Lighter Side of Global Terrorism,” originally appearing on Never Breathe What You Can’t See, then crashes in. The song features extended, signature MELVINS jam/noise sections giving it a more derailed, out of control train feel. The allegory of “Lessons in What Not to Become” is simply, an instant classic. The crown jewel of the album is the scathing critique of “Those Dumb Punk Kids (Will Buy Anything).” Jello brings a warranted criticism of old school punk band reunions and the blind consumerism and allegiance of many of today’s supposed punk fans. Along with “Voted Off the Island,” the song gives him the opportunity to present his side of the whole Jello Biafra v. ex-DEAD KENNEDYS dispute/lawsuit. And you can guess that he’s not happy about it. A live version of “Kali-fornia Uber Alles 21st Century” updates the DEAD KENNEDYS classic, “California Uber Alles” with new lyrics reflecting the new Arnold Schwarzenegger regime in California. The last three tracks on Sieg Howdy! are comprised of remixes from the first album. The remixes do a fine job in emphasizing the hooks, riffs, and dynamics of the originals. It’d be a damn shame if these guys decided to stop writing albums because there’s nothing else that comes close to what they’re doing. Punk as fuck. (Alternative Tentacles Records)