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JESU - Jesu


After a making a relatively quite debut with the Heartache EP, JESU make a roaring statement with their full-length debut for Hydra Head Records. Fans who lamented the death of GODFLESH should rejoice in the fact that mastermind Justin Broadrick has created refreshingly new yet familiar sound with this new band. If you’re looking for instant gratification and adrenaline pumping music, look elsewhere. JESU take the listener on a journey into another state of mind with colossal walls of sound erected at a slow and tempered pace. In contrast to GODFLESH’s dark, nihilistic tone, JESU has a peaceful and meditative feel. Broadrick’s soothing clean vocals seamlessly compliment this tone in addition to adding to the layers of instrumentation. This is the kind of album that you put on and trip out to from beginning to end as opposed to playing a track here and there. Each song clocks in at an average of about nine minutes. It’s definitely not for everyone (and for every mood) but those who dig in will find quite a stunning album to behold. This is yet another triumph for Justin Broadrick. (Hydra Head Records)