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JESU - Silver


Life after GODFLESH is shaping up to be pretty solid. Mastermind Justin K. Broadrick’s ressurection as JESU has resulted in two excellent releases, and with Silver, we have a third that only improves upon its predecessors. Silver, like the self-titled full-length, captures a different, almost hopeful Broadrick than the one we knew from GODFLESH. Each of the four tracks, despite being big, brooding, doom-laden behemoths (like GODFLESH’s Merciless EP), come across in a blissful and medatative manner. The title-track is a slow, thundering, melodic number that builds on warm tones that almost feels at home if playing inside a cathedral hall. “Star,” on the other hand, is perhaps JESU’s most upbeat track that potentially recalls Slavestate/Pure-era GODFLESH. But Broadrick’s calm, clean vocals help separate JESU from most everything GODFLESH. While the Silver EP is only a scant four songs, every minute is sweet and savory. Broadrick has clearly done well making new music under a new moniker, and his success can ultimately be attributed to his always-developing vision…one that never looks to rehash the past. Silver is golden. (Hydra Head)