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JESUSEATER - Step Inside My Death Ray


There’s just a great feeling when you hear an album filled with catchy hooks. And you know you just gotta keep listening to it. JESUSEATER wield the power of the hook with ease. The band’s really excels in playing a unique blend of thick rock hooks with a solid hardcore foundation. Their sound is not about aggression or spreading the ethos of hardcore but simply, to rock. The line-up is most notable for vocalist, Shawn Brown (ex- SWIZ, DAG NASTY, and SWEETBELLY FREAKDOWN). Brown’s Henry Rollins-like vocal delivery leads the charge of solid, infectious tunes. There are moments on Step Into My Death Ray that are reminiscent of classic, old school punk. And these moments feel like short, nostalgic trips down the memory lane of your punk rock youth. The band mix it up with fast, driving songs and slower, more serious songs. The cover artwork and album title may be a bit confusing and misleading but it’s all about the music. Step Inside My Death Ray is at the cusp of getting to the next level. JESUSEATER have the exciting potential to really break through with the next album. (Deathwish)