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Deathcore villains, JOB FOR A COWBOY, have arrived from almost nowhere to sprinkle the metal world with a delightful full-length debut in Genesis. JOB FOR A COWBOY set out to destroy from the get-go and destroy they do. From the brootal vokills of Jonny Davy to the endless double-kick beat-down of Elliot Sellers (who has since been replaced by drummer Jon Rice), JOB FOR A COWBOY impress with destructive conviction and flawless execution. Jonny Davy’s roaring voice recalls that of CREMATORIUM’s Dan Dismal’s–beefy and ferocious but not too guttural. Meanwhile, the guitar work of Ravi Bahdriraju and Bobby Thompson falls a little low in the mix (primarily due to Sellers’ deliciously loud drumming). Fortunately, the abundance of accented palm-muting, diads, and jumpy fretwork cut through enough to flavor the songs with death metal flair. Still, you can’t escape the “core” with Davy’s bark and the, at times, near-groovy but totally moshable passages. Genesis is however, nothing near cutting-edge. It is a one-dimensional album of in-your-face deathcore/death metal, save for the one comparatively slower track, “The Divine Falsehood.” But the Arizonian outfit still manage to breath fresh air into a genre that can be stubbornly stale. Let’s hope JOB FOR A COWBOY can take advantage of their step on the scene and continue to rock out with destruction in mind. (Metal Blade Records)