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KATATONIA - Live Consternation


Live Consternation is KATATONIA’s first official live album, recorded August 17, 2006 at the Summerbreeze Open Air Festival in Germany. The release is split between a CD for the audio of the band’s entire set along with a DVD of the performance. Those who have seen KATATONIA live in concert in recent times will see that Live Consternation is a very accurate representation of the band’s current, powerful performances. The band’s 11 song set is comprised of their post-Brave Murder Day era albums, and is focused on their latest The Great Cold Distance. KATATONIA fans will undoubtedly have their personal fave songs from the performance (i.e. a great performance of the underrated “Cold Ways” and the volcanic “Ghost of the Sun”). Soundwise, Live Consternation sounds great with a well-balanced mix between instruments, which helps the sublime and eerie atmospheres to shine through. Visually, the camera work is professional and solid. There are multiple camera views that continuously shift throughout their performance giving the viewer a great well-rounded perspective of that summer night. There are just a few visual effects added in, such as black and white color, split screens, and slow-motion captures, to add additional flavor to the DVD. New and curious fans will be happy to know that all the lyrics to the songs are included. Live Consternation is a worthy addition to any KATATONIA maniac’s collection and is easily one of the better live metal DVD’s out on the market. (Peaceville Records)