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KEELHAUL - Subject To Change Without Notice


The towering doom metal riff that opens Subject To Change Without Notice lay the bedrock for the sonic chaos that is to follow. Call it “math metal,” call it “noise rock,” call it whatever you want but the fact is KEELHAUL have written one kick ass record. The album twists, turns, bends, grooves, roars and hammers away in a fashion that would make labelmates, BOTCH (r.i.p.) and KNUT, green with envy. KEELHAUL prefer to have their instruments do most of the talking on this record as Subject To Change Without Notice is predominantly an instrumental record with some sparse vocals here and there. The beauty behind the album is how easily they rock out in these perpetual jam sessions. They utilize a plethora of songwriting dynamics including multiple time changes, build ups, and mellow, quiet parts. As musicians, these guys easily hold their own as they inhabit a world of tasteful technicality. One is quick to notice that KEELHAUL are not copycat band. Their unique sound calls upon the powers of doom metal and 70’s prog rock at times. “Shackleton,” the heaviest number here, is the sound of a volcano raging out of control. “Tits of War” is nice segue piece with a muscular classic rock riff. “Randall” has a great sense of tension like an out of control train on the verge of derailing. Producer/engineer Andrew Schneider should be praised for the well-balanced and crystal clear sound which further helps to bring vibrancy to Subject To Change Without Notice. KEELHAUL have written an album that not only moves the band to the next level but the whole genre that they represent. (Hydra Head Industries)