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KHOLD - Hundre År Gammal


Two years after going on hiatus, Norway’s KHOLD is back with the kind of fire that characterized their quality debut album, Masterpiss of Pain. Hundre År Gammal is arguably their relatively fastest album to date, which smoothly incorporates driving DARKTHRONE-style riffing into their distinctive snarling, raw sound. The straight up, in your face delivery finds its potency in the array of quality riffs found all over Hundre År Gammal. Vocalist Gard spews forth as much wretched black bile as possible in a strong and convincing performance throughout. With each song clocking in around the three and a half minutes, KHOLD waste no time in bashing out their songs. Just press play and the album gets right to work. While it can be argued that the band’s catalogue lost a special intangible to them along the way, Hundre År Gammal brings the band into relevance and is the perfect way for them to continue their climb through metal’s hierarchy. (Candlelight Records USA)