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KISS THE CYNIC - Kiss the Cynic


The much-hailed LUDDITE CLONE exploded onto the scene just as quickly as they broke up. One second you were buying their debut EP, the next second they go the way of the Diplodicus. Thankfully KISS THE CYNIC was born. The core of the band was formed by LUDDITE CLONE members, Andy Cummings (vocals) and Kevin Hannum (bass) and AS DARKNESS FALLS guitarist, Kevin Walsh. KISS THE CYNIC play a similar brand of blend of chaotic grindcore/brutal hardcore that doesn’t stray too far from LUDDITE CLONE’s former sound. The songs that comprise this debut release are all about in your face intensity. KISS THE CYNIC’s music was custom made for moshpits. Vocalist Andy Cummings’ brutal screaming/growling vocals lead the chaos. Grinding riffs, pounding rhythms, and BOTCH-esque time changes mesh in nicely with just the right amount of hooks. The worst aspect of Kiss the Cynic is that the music ends after a mere 12 minutes of action. But then again, that could be the best aspect in the fact that it leaves you craving more. These guys know exactly what they’re doing and how they’re doing it. The future looks bright indeed! (Slob Inc.)