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KONTINUUM - Earth Blood Magic

Kontinuum  - Earth Blood Magic

Fans of IN THE WOODS…, FIELDS OF THE NEPHILIM, SENTENCED, and European dark metal will be most pleased with Iceland’s KONTINUUM.  The band specialize in creating morose and lonely atmospheres that exude passion and emotion.

Vocals (both male and female) are used only sparely through out Earth Blood Magic as KONTINUUM regularly embark on long instrumental sections.  The band let their instruments do much of the talking.  Clean and distorted guitars are used throughout and there is a great interplay between rhythm and lead guitars.

The masterful use of dynamics in their songs is where KONTINUUM succeed.  Strong phrases are used, and the momentum is always in perpetual motion.  The action is not always sublime as the band can whip up a whirlwind of heaviness as heard on “City.”  Indeed, crescendos of volcanic proportions can be felt all over Earth Blood Magic.  The riffing is charismatic and varied with sweeping chords, sweet melodies, and intense playing all fitting together.

If KONTINUUM’s debut is this good, imagine what’s to come.  (Candlelight Records)