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KRISIUN - AssasiNation


Since the release of KRISIUN’s landmark album, Conquerors of Armageddon, the world has been waiting for the band to top it (not that the albums in between have been irrelevant in the least). Finally, the wait is over with their six-full length release, AssasiNation. AssasiNation is symbolic of the band’s growth as better songwriters, which perfectly compliments their jawdropping natural musical skills. In addition to their established penchant for pure blasting fury, KRISIUN has incorporated some of the new tricks that they’ve picked up on their last couple releases by mixing up the tempos, creating space between song sections, and allowing the songs more room to breathe and subsequently create more momentum and power. Opening song, “Bloodcraft,” is truly a dominating way to start the album. Not only does it entail all of the aforementioned characteristics of AssasiNation and is the album’s longest song, it simply does not relent until it’s all said and done. AssasiNation then proceeds with such strong focus and precision. “Natural Genocide” is a great example of KRISIUN creating a constant feeling of building tension and momentum. “Vicious Wrath” has a great middle section where vocalist/bassist Alex Camargo roars out “Straight Vicious Wrath/Straight Vicious Wrath/Wrath/Wrath/Wrath/Wrath” as guitarist Moyses Kolesne burns up his fretboard. KRISIUN have recaptured that special intangible magic that creates sheer greatness. AssasiNation puts them in the elite class of death metal’s finest and is arguably the death metal album of the year. (Century Media Records)