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KRISIUN - Works Of Carnage


KRISIUN has been delivering grinding death metal for well over a decade now. Many fans and critics were somewhat disapointed with the band’s last record, Ageless Venomous, particularly in the production department. Opening track, “Thorns Of Heaven,” casts all doubts aside with the band blasting away with a vengeance, quickly silencing any and all critics. While songs such as “Murderer,” “Sentinel Of The Fallen Earth” and “Wolfen Tyranny” assault the listener with a barrage of blast beats, shredding solos, growling vocals, and grinding rhythms, it’s the twists and turns of “Ethereal World,” “Scourged Centuries” and the title track which combine the GORGUTS-styled experimentation of their last album with the relentless attack of Conquerors of Armageddon that really showcase the band’s new found maturity, while still retaining their intensity. Pierre Remillard is to be commended on his fine production, which gives these killer songs the sound quality that they deserve. The brothers once again get to show off their chops with Max Kolesne delivering a death metal drum clinic on “War Ritual” as brother Moyses counters with his own fretboard shredfest on “Shadows.” As for frontman, Alex Camargo, who in addition to growling out the blasphemy at full-force can finally be heard displaying some involved, grinding bass lines on “Slaughtering Void” and the aforementioned “Scourged Centuries.” The band closes out the album with a tribute to one of their idols, VENOM, with a scathing cover of “In League With Satan,” complete with blast beats. All in all, Works Of Carnage is an excellent comeback from one of the death metal’s hardest working bands in addition to be a strong candidate for death metal album of the year. (Century Media Records)