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KVELERTAK - Kvelertak

Kvelertak - Kvelertak

Norway does it again with their latest musical export, KVELERTAK. Taking the baton from dearly departed legends, TURBONEGRO, KVELERTAK’s self titled debut is exactly what the doctor ordered. This six man gang’s unique style of rock ’n roll, black metal, and punk is exciting, lively, and most importantly, fun. How many bands actually sound fun without being cheesy? Not many.

Throughout Kvelertak, some songs emphasize more of one subgenre that composes their style than others, while others have an equal balance. Sometimes they’ll blast with aggression. Sometimes they’ll rock with bluesy riffs. Sometimes they’ll rain down with eighth note power chords. But that’s not a negative issue at all. It just gives the record flavor. In the vocal department, Erlend Hjelvik is on the extreme end of things with his throat shredding punk/black metal stylings. There are also some clean vocals used in choruses or backing vocal lines.

Simply put, Kvelertak is a very good, solid record. And as if the record’s 11 tracks aren’t enough, the U.S. version contains their BBC Sessions as well as two demo tracks. This is no time to be a dumbass…pick up this record. (Indie Recordings)