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LESBIAN - Power Hor


LESBIAN make their debut with their 4-song, 62 minute Power Hor. “Black Forest Hamm” starts off as doom/death metal complete with tortured vocals that goes into a quiet middle section. The songs picks back up and ends with plenty of energy led by a nice lead guitar riff. The instrumental, “Powerhorses,” is a different animal all together and as it indulges more in atmospheric psychedelia at a doom pace. At around the 12-minute mark, the bluesy doom riffs kick in and slowly but surely drag the song to oblivion. “Loadbath” begins with delicate, clean guitars and then crashes into tortured funeral doom. It’s Power Hor’s best song and has lots of interesting parts that flow well together. “Irreversible” brings the raging metal back. Around the 9-minute mark, the band almost inexplicably break into a 70’s heavy, bluesy rock riff that eventually transitions back into the brutality that the song started off with. Though there is good material on Power Hor, the album sounds as if the band have not decided on their identity. While one is free to play whatever their heart desires, it sounds a bit disjointed when there is a doom/death metal song, a psychedelic instrumental, and straight out doom song. It provides little cohesiveness as each different type of song could arguably be of different bands. If they can somehow meld these different styles into one seamless whole, beef up the overall material and in turn create a strong identity for themselves, LESBIAN will be on the path to where they wanna go. (Holy Mountain Records)