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LICKGOLDENSKY - Lickgoldensky


What the hell is going on? Who in the hell are these guys? How in the fuck was this album conceived? These are questions that still linger in my mind, even after my umpteenth listen. This is some of the most whacked out, off-the-wall music to come out of the underground in recent memory. LICKGOLDENSKY have created a sick Frankenstein out of tons of components ranging from noise rock to hardcore to electronica. Throughout the album’s untitled eleven tracks, the band smash the conventions of sticking to one genre of music or predictable song structures. They’ll burst out with a tirade of heavy aggression one second and then trip out for an interlude of psychedelia the next. The strongest appeal of Lickgoldensky is the improvisational and totally spontaneous nature of the songs. You’re never on solid or stable ground and that brings refreshing relief to those who are burned out with the same old reruns. LICKGOLDENSKY have not only created something interesting and stimulating, they’ve given the finger to so-called “artists” that end up drowning like the rest of the lemmings. Death to musical mediocrity and stagnation! (Level Plane Records)