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Two words: low budget. Having a wolf lick your crotch would probably be more exciting than watching this flick. All thanks to a rather feeble storyline (about one man’s inner demons…err wolves) and doubly weak execution. Perhaps the director’s intention was to leave some room for interpretation but when there’s too much room left for interpretation, it leaves you scratching your head. Or in this case wishing wolves were licking your nuts. But of course, who actually went out of their way to watch this film for the movie itself? We all know that Lyckantropen exists to give life to ULVER’s musical score…and ULVER is probably the reason you’re reading this review. Well fortunately this DVD is packed with a candid 30 minute interview with ULVER’s Kristoffer Garm Rygg and Jørn H. Sværen where they rap about the old days, the weird techno days, and the “question-mark” future. While the interview covers much of what ULVER fans already know, it’s a rare glimpse at the personalities (or personality) behind ULVER. Surprisingly soft-spoken yet articulate, Garm clearly reveals himself to be the voice of the band in more ways than one. To say this is essential viewing for ULVER fanatics would be fantastically absurd. Come-hither little wolf. (Vendlus Records)