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MANNGARD - Circling Buzzards


Norway’s MANNGARD make their debut with the vicious Circling Buzzards. With teeth gnashing and claws out, they attack with devious, sinister aggression. What really makes the band stand out is their sick and twisted hybrid style incorporating the bloodlust of SLAYER, the jack hammer dissonance of BOTCH, the manic blasts of grindcore/death metal, and slabs of technical prog, black metal, and jazz. Circling Buzzards, based on the works of novelist William Faulkner, centers on the story of a Mid-western family committing atrocities at the command of their patriarch. The songs don’t stand still or let up for even a second as the chaos smashes to and fro. Vocalist Olav Iversen sounds like a madman who’s totally lost it with his grunts, shouts, screams, and roars. Given the volatile nature of the album, the songwriting is excellent as each song has more than enough memorable hooks to drag you into the “quagmire.” The only downside to Circling Buzzards is that the mindfuck only lasts for 30 minutes. If MANNGARD have a heart, they’ll have the next one ready asap. (Candlelight USA Records/Nocturnal Art Productions)