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MANOWAR - The Sons of Odin


Proud, decadent, triumphant, and strong are some adjectives that come to mind when one thinks of MANOWAR. The Sons of Odin EP embodies all of the aforementioned qualities while also showcasing the band’s dramatic and grandiose side. “The Ascension” starts things off like a Viking opera or a motion picture soundtrack to something like Lord of the Rings complete with orchestra, tolling bells, and battle drums like the gates of Valhalla are opening up. “King of Kings” kicks in with all the power of classic MANOWAR. The song is so damn infectious, you’ll be singing along in no time. “Odin” follows up with another fine instrumental track that could easily fit into any top-notch film score. “Gods of War” and “The Sons of Odin” are more triumphant classics that conjure up images of a standing victorious on a giant battlefield. The real prize is the DVD that is included in the “Immortal Edition” of the EP. The DVD includes a documentary of the first ever MANOWAR convention, band rehearsal with a full choir and orchestra, and more. The documentary of the fan convention is a treat to watch as it’s on par with the high quality that fans have come to expect from a MANOWAR DVD. There’s tons of footage of the convention’s events and people, which end up being larger than life. The documentary is actually so well made and entertaining that it’s a shame if you get the standard EP version. All in all, this is another solid package from one of the biggest worldwide forces in heavy metal. (Metal Blade Records/Magic Circle Music)