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MARDUK - Plague Angel


As one of the most prolific bands in underground metal, MARDUK proudly present their tenth album in thirteen years. The band’s previous album, World Funeral, was a great return to form and Plague Angel only takes the baton and goes to the next level in all facets. Plague Angel is without a doubt a reaffirmation of the band’s dedication to Christ-raping black metal. An absolute blood storm of over the top intensity, MARDUK destroy everything in their path. New vocalist Mortuus fits in perfectly with his blood-filled, tortured vocals, which are lower and less raspy than the departed Legion. Longtime fans will no doubt miss the catchy choruses of songs like “Jesus Christ…Sodomized” but their absence really doesn’t take much away from the new MARDUK. Emil Dragutinovic proves that he is one of the fastest and most precise drummers in metal with another ungodly performance. “Perish in Flames” represents an improvement for the band in the mid-paced songwriting department. Clocking in at 7:46, the track slows things down considerably but still possesses the heavy weight and power of the album without losing the listener’s interest as in the past. Another interesting track amongst all the speed is “Deathmarch,” a funeral procession filled with organs, horns, and war drums. With Plague Angel, MARDUK prove once again that they are indeed one of the most intense and unrelenting extreme metal bands on the planet. (Candlelight USA)