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MEGADETH - Peace Sells…But Who’s Buying (Reissue)


It goes without saying that Peace Sells… is an absolute metal classic. That’s just a given. The remixing/remastering job that Dave Mustaine did on this record is very impressive. Just listening to the difference between the reissue and the original makes you realize how much the original was lacking. “Balance” and “clarity” are the keywords to this reissue. All of the instruments are now allowed to breathe and occupy their own space in the mix without fighting for the spotlight. The mix no longer sounds overly compressed and claustrophobic. The dry, sandpaper guitar sound is replaced with a more vibrant, fuller sounding tone. The bass guitar is tastefully audible in the mix and carries a near, crystal clear clarity. Gar Samuelson’s drums no longer sound like he’s banging away on giant empty crates in an abandoned hangar. The drums are brought to the front of the mix with a very natural sound. The bass drums and the cymbals are audible for the first time! Now the world can truly hear the Gar Samuelson that Mustaine was bragging about. The song that benefits the most is definitely “My Last Words.” The “newly discovered” basslines and double bass breathe new life into this great song. Fans, both old and new, will undoubtedly enjoy this masterpiece in its full glory. If the 1986 classics, Master of Puppets, Reign in Blood, and Peace Sells… don’t occupy a special place in your collection, consider yourself a poser! (Capitol Records)