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MEGADETH - The System Has Failed


Yes, it is indeed true. The hype is real. MEGADETH is back and better than they’ve sounded in a long, long time. The meaty riffs, the killer guitar work, the hooks, and mastermind Dave Mustaine’s unmistakable delivery permeate the wealth of strong material on The System Has Failed. Musically, the bulk of The System Has Failed fits in between Rust in Peace and Countdown To Extinction with other songs fitting in between Countdown to Extinction and Youthanasia. While there are flirtations with Cryptic Writings-era material, traces of the band’s last two albums are thankfully non-existent. Lead track, “Blackmail the Universe,” smashes through the speakers with an intensity that hasn’t been heard since 1990’s Rust in Peace. The album’s first single, “Die Dead Enough,” follows with its undeniably infectious chorus. The quality strongly flows until the album’s weakest and eighth track in “Something I’m Not,” which is not a bad song by any stretch. There are just so many great highlights here that it would be pointless to discuss them all. While longtime fans may miss the “classic” band line-up, Mustaine has surrounded himself with more than able musicians in renowned drummer Vinnie Colaiuta, bassist Jimmy Sloas, and ex-MEGADETH axeman Chris Poland. Even though this isn’t Mustaine’s best work to date, it’s still damn good. The intensity, the sense of urgency, and the hunger are there. It’s the kind of record that leaves a shit-eating grin on your face as you rejoice in MEGADETH’s resurrection. The flag of metal belongs to Dave Mustaine! (Sanctuary Records)